Thursday, June 19, 2008

Success = Happiness...naaa!

Just saw the status of my blog..and 2 months have gone since my last post..

Time has gone by so soon.. like duuh!..Nothing much has changed..I am still confused when everyone around me is beaming with confidence and have thier 'ill-take-on-the-world' attitudes to give them company.

Yes,the quarter life crisis has arrived (I got that word from a fwd I read).Why do we have to know where our life is heading?.. why cant we just go with the flow?.. why do we have to aim at being the top earner in the family?.. why do we have to always have a goal?.. why is success so important?..

I think its just overrated..just like the U.S or even Bangalore for that matter!
My reference to the U.S is probably just because I have been thinking about it for awhile now..more so because my friends are heading there! The sparkle in people's eyes the minute they catch the 'U' followed by the 'S'. Is it that big a deal?.. Any mention of a 'Husband-to-be' or family member being there makes all the aunties and uncles swell with pride. Guys,not like its another planet!

But yes, life is definitely better and very different from what its like here.. no cows as traffic policemen,no wolf-like dogs like building watchmen,no heart wrenching images of children and old people begging at the signal..not going to go on with this..My insides are twisted already!
Keeping all the negativity aside.. its the weekend!.. so lets have a whirlwind of a time.. Success will always be the highest point in everyone's lives.. just as U.S will always be on between the Pacific and the Atlantic..and like Bangaloreans will never know the joy of having a beach!

For now.. I am just going to be happy!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

After 8 years...

Finally,I performed in a play again.. after 8 years.Caught in those moments where we rehearsed during every English period,when we had to get permission to use the stage,the very sound the wooden floors made,the familiar smell when we entered the wings,where we whispered backstage,the costume changes,the green room(which is anything but green!) sigh!.. Those were mad fun days...

So we ,the workshop members of Yours Truly, had our first show on April 6th. It was aptly called 'Beyond Boundaries'. There was two short plays and in one of them, the audience got to choose the ending (Talk about a miserable first day!). The first play was about freedom and the other one was a children's play 'Beyond the land of Hattamala' by Badal Sircar.They were directed by Ranji David,our faculty.

We used the style of theatre called body theatre where no external props were used and everything thats needed for the play like a house,tree or a well was made by the actors.. say three of us would form a tree..something on those lines.Use your imagination. Badal Sircar was a pioneer of body theatre.Now the ending.. the ending of the Hattamala play turned out absolutely hilarious.For those of you who want to know what the story and the crazy ending was..I am not telling you.You should have been there.We had a very wild audience who wanted homosexual affairs ,virus breakout and suicide bombings. The ending was actually a little bit of all that.

Cant wait to perform again.!... Yay to myself and to the team.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Sha(tab)di Experience.

One hell of a weekend.. It all started from the week where work was minimal throughout the day but all of a sudden everything was in the-client-will-never-give-us-projects mode when I was about to pick my bags up..

Then came Friday..the day of joy..the day when everyone is smiling and you smile back although you wouldnt do that on other days...the day when even if the someone bugs you,you just brush it off..the day when you feel like feeding a street dog even if it looks like it came out from a
mental pig sty..So yes,I was travelling to chennai this day..and I was just a little too relaxed this friday because I enjoyed the fact there was no work and I was still getting paid..even if there was,I would have left early.. its Friday..come on!!.. who stays back?!..I-hate-my-wife,My-house-has-a-ghost,The-world-is-going-to-end types,etc kind of people!.. ok ok..and all the responsible ones out there!..well,Friday is one day when I decide to shed any trace of responsiblity..Give me a break!

On my way home,I found out that I dint take a print out of my ticket...ran to the nearest cyber cafe as soon as I got off the bus after frantic calls to my roomies on directions to that place..that was not all..had to ask random people too..Finally,spotted it.. It was as small as a rat's in a corner of the building..well,after a 2 months of gymming and extra ahem body that I have now,I could walk in! :D

Print out in hand..Achievement!..head home..stuffed myself..all the left overs had to go somewhere!..

Reached the station more than an hour early..had to sit in the ladies room..used my people observing skills to the fullest..There was the sleepy toilet fee collector who I saw slipped a quarter(for those not familiar,its some cheap booze) into her kitty later,then the software
engineers reading some angrez book and the women managing their really whiny kids..So this went on for while before it was time I boarded the train..

To my shock,I discovered I got the berth just next to the bathroom..What a wonderful frangrant-ful (If there is a word) journey this was going to be!..I almost stuffed the only piece of paper I had,my ticket,up my nose!We started moving and the smell was gone or I was really
sleepy..Woke up to smell of thousand roses again..went home all high! :)
My purpose of going to chennai was this marriage reception..Oh man!The only topic there was my marriage instead of the usual 'the-caterers-werent-good','sambar-was-too-thin','we-dint-get-enough-rice'..those were the good old days!One of these Ill just give up and get
married..Its not easy retorting to old uncles and big aunties!

Next day ,I had to board the Shatabdi (yes,finally coming to the topic) at 6 a.m..and at 5.45,I realised I had the wrong ticket with me..Panic all over,sweat on my forehead,words werent coming out properly,wrinkled skin between my eyebrows were the obvious signs of my distress..No cyber cafe at the time..what the hell..they should be made 24 hours..Flash of memory - I tore a ticket last night..called mom and found out that was the wrong ticket too..Couldnt bribe the TTR as there was a measly 30 rs with me..(who needs it when you are on the Shatabdi??)..finally decided to search my bag one more time..and then there it was!!... SIIIIGHH!

Got the window seat next to a middle aged couple..halfway through the journey,this really nice lady started asking me questions about my marriage and love life (if I had any!)..It dint stop there..then there was advice..and why arranged marriage was better than any other forms of
marriage..It doesnt matter if you get married to a dog or donkey as long as it is arranged..Got advice on how I have to behave in the first month of marraige..Was this part of the shatabdi package?..Did I pay for marriage advice too?..Why is everyone talking about marriage to any
girl who looks like she is happy?..part of the sadistic nature of the world we live in..Dint tell mom about this else she would have used this a trigger and gone on a rampage the entire day! I had enough!..

Destination arrived!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

My not-so-grand-entry!

One of those days when I wish time would fly.. One of those
days when all memories of the past come flooding and it makes
one want to relive those moments again(..not every moment..
just the happy ones!)..

And yes,one of those days when you need some kind of
challenge..something to rocket* you through twilight and space
beyond *(Note : I am not from the Queen's land).Life apart from
work does have its share and more..and right now, I have enough
on my plate..

So bleary, I am not contemplating suicide..
and I really dont think I am anywhere close to being prescribed
for depression...

Am wondering about what would cheer my lost soul now.. maybe
some shopping.. spoken like a true woman!..Shopping,the key to
a woman's happiness.. For all those men out there with
wives,girlfriends or potential girlfriend,take a hint.. This
will probably get you into their good books..

I know that the path to happiness is the inner way..let me
rephrase that..The path to happiness starts from within..but
right now,I cant really wait for all that.. Its time I pep up
and pep up soon!!..

So let me go and make that perfect round hole in my wallet..!