Thursday, June 19, 2008

Success = Happiness...naaa!

Just saw the status of my blog..and 2 months have gone since my last post..

Time has gone by so soon.. like duuh!..Nothing much has changed..I am still confused when everyone around me is beaming with confidence and have thier 'ill-take-on-the-world' attitudes to give them company.

Yes,the quarter life crisis has arrived (I got that word from a fwd I read).Why do we have to know where our life is heading?.. why cant we just go with the flow?.. why do we have to aim at being the top earner in the family?.. why do we have to always have a goal?.. why is success so important?..

I think its just overrated..just like the U.S or even Bangalore for that matter!
My reference to the U.S is probably just because I have been thinking about it for awhile now..more so because my friends are heading there! The sparkle in people's eyes the minute they catch the 'U' followed by the 'S'. Is it that big a deal?.. Any mention of a 'Husband-to-be' or family member being there makes all the aunties and uncles swell with pride. Guys,not like its another planet!

But yes, life is definitely better and very different from what its like here.. no cows as traffic policemen,no wolf-like dogs like building watchmen,no heart wrenching images of children and old people begging at the signal..not going to go on with this..My insides are twisted already!
Keeping all the negativity aside.. its the weekend!.. so lets have a whirlwind of a time.. Success will always be the highest point in everyone's lives.. just as U.S will always be on between the Pacific and the Atlantic..and like Bangaloreans will never know the joy of having a beach!

For now.. I am just going to be happy!


Veeraraghavan said...

Its been ages..gawd....Update ur blog.....

Shru said...

hmm..I agree.. more on the part Happiness = present.. n not to think about whr life is taking us!! nice blog btw.